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The majority of the gorgeous pictures used on this site are by Laurie, better known as Primal Painter, creator of Lightworker Energy Art.


Laurie has generously given me her blessing to use them so you can all enjoy the vibration of energy!


Please visit her shop at Etsy Primalpainter to order one of your own!



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Please visit my Pinterest page, my FB page, Lightworker Community and also my blog through wordpress, where I write articles on the current energies of 2014 and also other spiritual matters.

Welcome to


to help you

heal & grow

5 different Blessings for when you need a little extra help.  I have channelled these from Archangel Sophia.

Chakra Reading & Chakra focused healing.  Choose from a Skype reading or an emailed Chakra Report.

Soul Growth Reading

via Skype. Do you feel a bit stuck or need help with what to do next?  Guidance is right here.

Readings & Blessings

Reiki Courses - All via Distance

Earth Light Reiki (3 levels) This has to be done in person or NOW VIA SKYPE!

Lightarian™  Reiki (6 levels) offers the highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available!

DNA Light Integrative

(4 levels). This is amazing & strong!! It helps to opens up your original psychic abilities!

Azeztulite Light Activation. (2 Levels)  Awakens your Lightbody to its fullest potential!

The Matrix Reality (3 levels) aids us to see what is real & just an illusion. Journey into the depth of the mind. Incredibly strong!

The Soul Contiuum has 3 parts and follows on from the Matrix Reality.    

Take your spiritual growth to the next level

I have hand picked all the Reiki courses, single attunements & advanced attunement courses below to aid your spiritual progression during the current energies.  I have also channelled some of these myself!  


I work a little differently from others who offer attunements as I stay in the energies during your attunement and add in any healing you may need at the time.  I then send you my notes about what I felt, saw & heard during your attunement. I sometimes recieve messages from Spirit, which I of course pass on too!  If you are unsure of which attunement would be most beneficial to you, then I can check in with Spirit to help you as they will tell me which is the right one for you.  Just send me an email and I will respond!

All Single Attunements

Welcome to Violet-Light, my name is Sarah Shepherd and I would like to thank you for visiting!

Below you can find all the services I offer, just click on a picture for more information.  


I am currently in the Netherlands, therefore I am not available by phone, so please email me instead!  I am also available on Skype to do the readings below!


I have written a Lightworker's Guide to help you on your journey, which I send you when we first connect!  This includes information about attunements, closing down, colour healing, spiritual protection & a really simple meditation to help you open your gifts!

I also am giving away an attunement called 'The Cosmic Orb', which I have channelled with any purchase you make.  I wanted to do this as I believe spiritual protection is very important.  Please click on the picture for more information  & email me if you would like this when you have made your purchase.

Single Attunements - All via Distance

Click below and it will open to a page with all the attunements I offer!

NEW Attunements

I run special offers each month & Spirit guides me as to what is best for the current energies! If you would like to see what is on special offer this month, then please click the special offers button on the left hand menu!  You can also sign up to my monthly newsletter from here too!

Open your Kundalini fire! Kundalini Reiki (3 levels) works on a much more physical level than any other type!

Tibetan Reiki (3 levels) This contains a missing symbol we need to enhance our harmony & balance!

Purple Reiki (1 level) Follows on from Kundalini Reiki. Powerful for clearing energies/emotions

The Green Trilogy (Reiki)

(3 levels). Connect to Nature Animal Healing & Earth Magic

Advanced Attunement Courses - All via Distance

Purr-fect for cat lovers!!  The Holy Trinity includes Tiger Reiki, Lion Reiki & The Mystical Black Panther!

Past Life Reading via Skype.  We will discuss a number of your past lives that are affecting you right now!  

5 Lightarian™ AngelLinks are designed to create extraordinary connections to you with angelic beings

Awareness Blessing.  (Deeksha, Darshan, Blessing of Oneness )

Can lead to deep peace & quieting the mind

Specific Healing Sessions for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blocks! Aura cleansing is part of this.

Negative Entity/ Space Clearing.  Does the energy of a room in your home / office need to be cleared from negativity?


Relationship Reading & Healing.  Includes a mini reading about a specific relationship &  cord healing

The Animal Healing Connection helps you to connect to an animal's soul and emotions.

The Goddess Empowerment helps you step into your power!  Also includes a Beauty Empowerment!