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A number of the gorgeous pictures used on this site are by Laurie, better known as Primal Painter, creator of Lightworker Energy Art.


Laurie has generously given me her blessing to use them so you can all enjoy the vibration of energy!


Please visit her shop at Etsy Primalpainter to order one of

your own!



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NEW Attunements

Energy Activations

These are like attunements, but you receive the energy through a meditation!

Over 45 Different Single Attunements to choose from!  I set up each attunement individually and you will receive my notes as to what I experienced when setting it up too!

Advanced Attunement Courses. These include: The Azeztulite Light Activation;  The DNA Light Integrative;  The Matrix Reality;  The Soul Continuum & The Healing Grid

I am based in Shepton Mallet, near Glastonbury in the UK, however  I work with clients all over the world!  

Thank you for visiting!

Ocean Breeze Empowerment WRITE UP!

Donation based Attunement Events.  You can receive the attunement at a time and date to suit you up to 7 days after the event!

Please click here for more information.

FREE Guided Meditations! Relax your body & mind with these free meditations.                 My gift to you!

If you are unsure of which service to choose, please feel free to email me and I can tune in for you and Spirit will guide me for what is best for you!

Intuitive Readings via Skype or Phone.   My readings are also healing sessions too! I offer Soul Growth & Past Life Readings.

Relationship Healing.  Includes healing & information about the cord or cords between you both.

Specific Healing Sessions for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blocks! Aura cleansing is part of this.

Coming Soon!

The Healing Grid - Align Your Lightbody!

This is a new favourite!  There are 3 levels and it will help you in all areas of your life!

I also offer other Reiki courses, which include:  Kundalini Reiki;  Purple Reiki; Tibetan Reiki; & Green Trilogy Reiki

You can buy crystals, silver pendants, sage, insence and lots more!  

Plus a monthly competition!

Find YOUR Spiritual Delight!

Please note:  I cannot answer personal questions via email, so if you have questions about relationships, work, past lives or anything else that you need help with, please book a reading with me, which I offer  by phone or Skype.   Please click here for more information.

Lightarian Courses:

Lightarian Reiki - 6 levels

Lightarian  AngelLinks - 5 levels

FREE Delivery until 5th Feb!

Golden Unicorn Healing & Empowerment Reiki.  Connect to the golden unicorn to help you heal on all levels and in all areas of your life!

Welcome to Violet-Light, my name is Sarah Shepherd.  

2016 Energy Upgrade.  This helps upgrade all levels of our being so we can  work with the energies of 2016 more easily.